Top 10 places to visit in Mahableshwar

MahableshwarMahableshwar is a hill station in western ghat’s of Maharashtra, India. It is famous for its strawberry farms, ancient temples, hills, water falls, and lush green forests. It is a perfect weekend getaway for people living in Mumbai and Pune. Distance from Pune to Mahableshwar is 120 km and it takes only 2:30 hrs to reach your destination. The perfect time to visit this “Queen of Hills” is from July to September that is in rainy season. Travelurself provides complete information regarding top 10 places to visit in Mahableshwar.

  1. Veena Lake

Surrounded by hills Veena lake gives you an aesthetic and serene view to spend numerous hours. Visitors can also opt for boating at nominal prices and roam around this lake with your friends and family.

  1. Mapro Garden

This garden is located in a beautiful hill station near Mahabaleshwar named Panchgani. The garden offers you a small shopping station, where you can purchase natural juices, candies, and chocolates. Along with this visitors can enjoy ice parlor offering wide range of delicious flavors at affordable prices.

  1. Elephant’s Head Point

This point is named so as the hill where this point is located does look like elephant’s head from a distance. Visitors can visit this place with friends and family and have lots of fun eating and clicking pictures.

  1. Wax Museum

Visitors can visit this museum and look at statues made from wax of famous personalities and celebrities across the world. All you need to take care is not to touch any of these statues for safety purposes. Just stand along these statues and click some cool pictures for lifetime memories. You can also enjoy 7D movies and get some lifetime experience right at theater adjacent to this museum.

  1. Sunset Point

As the name suggests this point is perfect to watch sunset with your friends and family in Mahabaleshwar. Being quite popular among tourists this place remains crowdy but it’s still worth visiting the place while sun is dawning.

  1. Lord Mahabaleshwar Temple

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple is famous among tourists visiting Mahabaleshwar. The temple is situated around 6KMs from main city towards north. Best time to visit this temple is early morning to avoid chaos and traffic.

  1. Lingamala Waterfall

Surrounded by mountains and forest this waterfall is quite peaceful and aesthetic. To have perfect view of this waterfall, you need to walk around 1KM down the lane. There is an entry ticket but it’s for anyone visiting. Best time to visit this place is from June to August.

  1. Lodwick Point

This point is named so in memory of General Peter Lodwick, who was first to visit this place in the 19th century among Europeans. Visitors can enjoy an aesthetic sunset from here.

  1. Pratapgarh Fort

It’s a hilltop fort situated around 30 KMs from Mahabaleshwar-Panchgani. You need to climb around 450 stairs to reach this fort. Magnificant statue of Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj tells you stories of his braveness and win over Afzal Khan. There is also a temple of Devi Bhavani Mata, where Shivaji used to worship.

  1. Fun Town

Located in Panchgani, this place is full of fun and entertainment games for kids and adults. Visitors can enjoy rides like crazy cars, zip lining, and go-karting at affordable prices. It is located in front of Mapro Garden aforementioned above.

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