Top 5 Activities to do in Lavasa City

Lavasa City

Five things you can do in Lavasa City

Around 60 KMs from Pune and 187 KMs from Mumbai, Lavasa city can be the best place to spend weekend with family or friends. The best thing about this city is its location, surrounded by mountains and trees. If you are a nature lover, then visiting this town is worth every penny for you. Remember how we use to draw nature scenery in our childhood having huge mountains and a river flowing through them. Well, Lavasa city offers you such aesthetic nature scenery live and a beautiful Varasgaon lake flowing through the Western Ghats. Once you reach the city, following are five things you can do to entertain yourself and your family or friends-

Boating: When you visit some serene and scenic place with your loved ones, it is definitely fun to do boating. Lavasa city has got beautiful lake following through mountains, just like we all use to draw being kids. You can choose between two types of boats, ferry and water scooter. Both the rides are available here for visitors to enjoy scenic beauty of this city. However, tickets can be expensive for most visitors.

Cycling: Those who do not want to enjoy boating can opt for cycling. Visitors can choose among various rides easily available at affordable prices like gear rides and dual bicycles.

Eat: When you start to feel hungry after roaming around this city on bicycles, you can choose among various eatery joints available across this city. From South Indian to North Indian cuisines, these small yet efficient restaurants can serve you some delicious food at affordable prices. Just choose what you want to eat and order.

Adventure Sports: Those who like to adventure can visit Xthrill Adventure Academy, where you can do various adventure sports including rock climbing, rappelling, valley crossing campfire, jungle treks, and lots more.

Stay: In case you plan to stay back in the city, you can choose between hotels and rental apartments available at affordable prices. There are two hotels named Mercure and Ekaant where you can book a room and stay.


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